YSF Online Seminars 2020

Dear members of the DGBM, dear friends of biomaterials research. In order to continue to promote the next generation of biomaterials researchers in 2020, two online-based formats have been implemented:

Online Session: "Young Scientists in Biomaterials Research

On 22.10.2020, an online-based session was held from 1 to 3 p.m. in which young biomaterial scientists presented their research.

It is a central concern of the Young Scientists Forum of the DGBM to create a platform where young biomaterial scientists can present their research. The opportunity of the online session was therefore used to introduce ourselves and our goals in more detail.


Time Title Speaker
1.10 pm Bioprinting in vivo-like Tissues at Different Length Scales Daniela Duarte Campos, RWTH Aachen University
1.40 pm Adjusting the Release Kinetics of TGF-β3 from Electrospun PCL Fiber Mats with Layer by Layer applied Polyelectrolytes as Diffusion Barriers Nils Meier, TU Braunschweig
1.50 pm A Bilayered Electrospun PLA Scaffold to Study Aortic Heart Valve Calcification in a 3D Co-Culture System Kathrin Stadelmann, NMI Reutlingen
2 pm Magnetoelectric Materials for Wireless Neuronal Stimulation Kristen Kozielski, KIT
2.10 pm Controlled Cryostructuring of Reactive Inorganic Biomaterials Annika Seifert, Uni Würzburg
2.20 pm An Open-source Technology Platform to Manufacture Hydrogels in an Automated, Standardized and Reproducible Fashion Sebastian Eggert, TU München
2.30 pm Chitosan Fiber Manufacturing Using Ionic Liquids Irina Kuznik, TU Dresden
2.40 pm Cell Sheets and Mini Spheroids for Directed Seeding of Embroidered Scaffolds as an Approach for Cruciate Ligament Tissue Engineering Ingrid Zahn, PMU Nürnberg

The winners of the first DGBM-YSF-Award

We congratulate all speakers of the first DGBM-YSF Online Session and are happy about the active participation of over 70 interested international biomaterial researchers. As a result of the voting for the DGBM-YSF-Award Mrs. Annika Seifert (Uni Würzburg) receives the first prize. Mrs. Kathrin Stadelmann (NMI Reutlingen) and Mrs. Kristen Kozielski (KIT) are awarded the second and third prize. We are very grateful and thank all speakers and participants for the interesting session.

Online seminar: "On the road to DGBM".

  • 30.07.2020 - Prof. Dr. Michael Gelinsky - 3D printing and bioprinting for space exploration
  • 26.08.2020 - Prof. Dr. Laura de la Porte - Synthetic building blocks at different scales that assemble into 3D constructs to direct cells
  • 24.09.2020 - Prof. Dr. Oliver Lieleg - Biopolymers as lubricants and coatings

We are pleased to have attracted leading scientists in the field of German biomaterials research for online seminars, who reported on their research to our community.



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