What is the YSF and who is the YSF board?

The Young Scientists Forum (YSF) of the DGBM is the mouthpiece for all young scientists in the field of biomaterials (up to 7 years after defending their doctorate), who are listed as Members of the DGBM are registered. It should offer space for interdisciplinary exchange and help to make new contacts.

To coordinate the activities of the YSF, the YSF board consists of the committed young scientists Tomasz Jüngst (spokesman), Thomas Distler (deputy spokesman and ESB-YSF correspondence) Benjamin Kruppke, Clemens Gögele, Susanne Heid (public relations, connection to Biomaterial Collaborative Research Centers), Tilman Ahlfeld (social media), Nora Feuerer, Katrin Stadelmann and Berit Zeller-Plumhoff (event coordination; DGBM annual conference, connections to other biomaterial societies).

What do we do?

The forum is aimed specifically at the areas of interest of young scientists. To this end, we organize our own sessions at the annual meetings of the DGBM, which offers young academics a broad platform for the presentation of their results. We also specifically invite speakers on topics such as "Networking", "The First Application", "Research or Industry" and innovative specialist topics. These lectures are specially tailored for young academics but of course are accessible to all participants as part of the DGBM annual conference.

The YSF board has direct contact with the DGBM board and its support. Since international networking is also important to us, we are constantly trying to expand cooperation with partner organizations such as the YSF of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB).

Would you like to participate?

As part of the YSF board, you can get involved in organizing various events. Write an email to ysf(at)dgbm(dot)org or speak to us at the next annual conference as part of the YSF session.



DGBM Jahrestagung 2023

14.09.2023 - 16.09.2023 All day

2023 ANNUAL MEETING of the German Society for Biomaterials in Jena, Germany