Dear members of the DGBM!

We would like to invite all interested young scientists to actively participate in the Young Scientists Forum of the DGBM, which we would like to reactivate. The Young Scientists Forum (YSF) offers a platform within the DGBM for the representation of interests of young scientists, interdisciplinary exchange and joint research projects. A first meeting will take place in Erlangen, Germany on December 5, 2019 from 12-4 p.m. at Ulrich-Schalk-Str 3 Erlangen, Please contact Rainer Detsch if you have any questions. If necessary, a subsidy for travel expenses can be applied for at the DGBM afterwards (contact: Andrea Ewald).

The aim of this meeting is to define the goals and tasks of the forum, joint activities such as the appearance on the homepage, own sessions during the DGBM annual meetings and the active cooperation with the DGBM board with the aim to establish the representation of interests of young scientists. A spokesperson should also be elected from among those present at the meeting. This spokesperson will then also have the task of maintaining and expanding contact with the YSF of the European Biomaterial Society ESB.

As "Young Scientists" we (DGBM) understand PhD students and young scientists up to 7 years after the defence of the PhD. Of course, non-doctoral candidates are also welcome!

We ask the working group leaders to forward this e-mail to suitable members of their working group who may not be on the distribution list themselves. A DGBM-membership at the moment is not a mandatory requirement; however, we expect an active participation in the activities of the society in the future.

In addition, we would like to ask the WG leaders to actively support the participation in the YSF kick-off meeting by taking time off work and, if necessary, covering the travel costs.

All interested persons please contact Michael Gelinsky in Dresden(michael.gelinsky(at)tu-dresden(dot)de) until November 20th.


With kind regards,


Anke Bernstein - on behalf of the whole DGBM board



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