YSF - Workshop “Mental Health in Science”

Mental Health in Science

An online-based seminar on Mental Health in Science will be held on 13/12/2022 from 3-4pm (CET). The main topic will be how to deal with cases of mental health problems in students and how to take care of one's own mental well-being during the stressful career phase in and after the studies. Dr. Hendrik Huthoff will talk about personal and organizational experiences addressing issues such as toxic work environments and creating a supportive culture of well-being in the workplace.

The DGBM's Young Scientists Forum is committed to providing a platform where young biomaterials scientists:in can ask their questions. Therefore, there will be an opportunity for a panel discussion after the lecture.

The event is supported by the Young Scientists Forum of the European Society for Biomaterials (YSF-ESB).



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